How Content Helps the UK’s Biggest Grocery Stores Corner the Market

25 years ago, the UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s debuted a magazine. Even before the internet took over and made it easy for anyone to distribute content, Sainsbury’s wanted to reach customers outside of its aisles. So it created a glossy print publication that offered recipes, cooking tips, and feature articles.Read the full article

Tesco Food Love Stories | David’s ‘Hot or Not’ Chicken Curry

Don’t like spicy food but your other half can’t get enough? Watch ‘David’ create his wife’s favourite curry - with a sneaky serving of cooling yogurt for him.

Tesco Food Love Stories | ‘Bread Perfectionists’

“If you’re not in love with it you ain’t going to produce what you really want.” Our ‘Bread Perfectionists’ know that passion and craft are essential to baking a *finest loaf. Watch their story.

Food Dancing (Yum Yum Yum)’ Video - MysDiggi x Sainsburys advert

Watch the new Sainsbury's advert and see Britain dancing to Food Dancing (Yum Yum Yum) by MysDiggi. Filmed in real kitchens all across Britain, this captures people experiencing the simple pleasure of dancing whilst cooking. Whatever your particular style of dancing, however you like to cook, that moment when you’re sizzling and jiggling away to a tune, that’s living well. Subscribe to our channel for regular video updates Sainsbury's worked with UK Hip Hop artist MysDiggi, who incidentally had his first job at Sainsbury’s, to create a bespoke track and music video showcasing Britain Food Dancing. Listen to the track on Spotify: If you want to see more Food Dancing... Like Sainsbury's on Facebook: and follow #fooddancing on Twitter: