064: How To Craft Winning Marketing Plan w/Noah Kagan

by Dan Shure
One thing we ALL struggle with is too many options. Whether it’s the millions of song options I have on Spotify, the 100’s of flavors at an ice cream stand – or marketing. The thing I love about today’s guest’s approach to marketing is it’s so … simple. Not easy, but simple. Noah provides a framework and importantly mindset approach to how to arrive at – and execute upon this simplicity.Read the full article

12 SEO Strategies For OkDork (Presented to Noah Kagan by Dan Shure)

SEO Strategies for OkDork (applying to all bloggers and content marketers!) This is the audio + screenshots from my Podcast episode with Noah Kagan. He wanted to learn a little about how to do SEO for his site OkDork.com - so I gave him 12 strategies. This video is an EXTRA piece of content to help supplement the audio recording (it wasn't originally intended to be video content) but we went into so much detail I decided to make this afterward to make it more clear. IMPORTANT LINKS: http://www.evolvingseo.com/noah - FULL audio interview and show notes http://www.evolvingseo.com/semrushtrial - 15 days FREE for SEMrush to play around with it http://okdork.com/podcast/ - Noah's Podcast!

Effective Marketing That Gets Results With Noah Kagan

Entrepreneur and the founder of AppSumo - Noah Kagan The weird way Noah practices discipline every time he boards a plane. How to succeed even when there’s too much competition. One thing you need to do to add 333 new leads to your email list over the next month. The secret of effective marketing on a budget. Most people are clueless when it comes to scalable and repeatable marketing. Do to this and you’ll be ahead of the crowd. Why you should never start with a landing page. http://eventualmillionaire.com/noahkagan Thanks so much for watching!