The Part-Time Nihilist’s Guide to Marketing Terms You Hate, But Need

It’s about time that we take a step back and have a little chuckle at ourselves. Image via Shutterstock. Plenty of products and services help people, making them healthier and happier. For those things, marketing is great — but sometimes, the way we talk about ourselves is absurd. Yeah, I said it, it’s absurd, but it’s all right because this post has a happy ending (stay tuned).Read the full article

Homer Researching Marketing

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Inanimate carbon rod. The Simpsons

Inanimate carbon rod - best employer

Louis C.K. - That's Hilaaaarious

Louis C.K. from his special "Hilarious". Directed by Louis CK. Produced by Louis CK. Starring Louis CK. Edited by Louis CK. Release date September 18, 2010.

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