Micro-Influencers: Inside Dirt Astute Marketers Don’t Know

by Heidi Cohen
How To Use Micro-Influencers To Improve Your Marketing Results When in buying mode, no customer is an island. Instead, prospects research a variety of resources and reach out to influencers, both online and IRL. While we like to talk about the customer journey, the reality is it’s not a straight process. There’s no special mapping app you can use.Read the full article

FULL Pepsi Ad Commercial with Kendall Jenner

Watch the Full Pepsi Commercial starring Kendall Jenner. Subscribe for more exclusive videos! For copyright reasons, I did not use the original music Pepsi used. This is not the original audio. The replaced audio is called: Ever Felt Pt 1 by Otis McDonald The original audio is called: Lions by Skip Marley