Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Algo Update, Google I/O, Testing, AdWords, Local & Matt Cutts

by Barry Schwartz

Google Algo Update, Google I/O, Testing, AdWords, Local & Matt Cutts - This week we covered a possible Google algorithm update that started rolling out on May 17th. Google I/O was this week and there were updates to Google Assistant and Google Home, amongst other things. Google confirmed at I/O that they are launching their Google for Jobs search feature. Google said engineers do understand the full algorithm. Google is testing dropping featured snippets from the core web results. Google dropped many of the “best of” or “top” carousel answers. Google said they may automatically nofollow widget links. Google started a new workgroup for search to work better with JavaScript. Google will be adding to the Fetch and Render tool JavaScript code review. Google said you should try to use anchor text and image alt text. Google Maps is testing highlight icons in the local panel. Google hotel search is rolling out pricing trends graph. Google AdWords changed ad rank thresholds, which can impact CPCs. Google AdWords added historical quality score metrics. Google AdWords enabled scheduled conversion imports. Google launched a beta sign up form for Purchases on Google. Google AdWords is testing drop down price extensions in carousel form. Google is testing AfWords car stack formats. Google is testing blue bars in the black UI test. Google is also testing large arrows for paginating through search results. Google tests dropping hotel prices from hotel listings. Google Analytics improved their AMP tracking support. Google AdSense can now panelize on the page level vs whole site. Google AdSense is testing show more ad link units. Finally, Matt Cutts is giving a talk at Google today. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Was There A Google Algorithm Update Starting On Wednesday? : Google Assistant Adds iPhone Support, Home Calling, Google Lens & More : Google Confirms Jobs For Search Is Rolling Out : Google: We Do Understand Our Highly Complex Algorithms : Google Tests Dropping The Featured Snippet Result From Core Results? : Google Drops Some Top Carousels For "Best" Or "Top" Like Queries : Google: We May Automatically Nofollow Widget Links : Google's New Workgroup For JavaScript & Search : Google To Add JavaScript Rendered Code In Fetch & Render Tool : Google: Try To Use Anchor Text & Image Alt Text : Google Maps Local Panel Tests Highlight Icons : Google Hotel Search Rolls Out Pricing Trends Graph : Google AdWords Changes Ad Rank Thresholds : Google AdWords Historical Quality Score In Reports Now : Google AdWords Adds Scheduled Conversion Imports : Sign Up For Beta Purchases On Google : Google AdWords Tests Expand Out Carousel Price Extensions : Google Tests AdWords Ad Car Stack Format : Google Black Design Tests Now With Blue Bars : Google Testing Large Arrows For Search Results Pagination Controls? : Google Tests Removing Pricing From Hotel Listing Results : Google Analytics Improves AMP Tracking Support : and more...

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