How to Repurpose Content for Your Blog and Beyond: A Plan for Creators

Do you struggle with publishing to your marketing channels on a regular basis? Looking for a way to streamline the process? In this article, you’ll discover how to use one content idea to produce video, audio, and blog posts that build a loyal and engaged fan base. by Colin Gray on Social Media Examiner.Read the full article

Where the Money’s Made: Clients, Membership & Affiliates | TNG #5 DATA

Where’s the income coming from? Where do we generate our income, and how’s it been changing recently? Shownotes for summary, resources & the full episode: Subscribe to the Podcast on: - iTunes: - Stitcher: - Android/RSS: Subscribe to these videos: — More from Colin & Matthew at The Podcast Host: - Podcraft - - Blog - - Instagram - - Twitter - - Facebook - -- Want to Start a Podcast? FULL GUIDE - Our Favourite Podcasting equipment - How to Build a Podcasting (& blogging) Website - — Looking for the best kit for podcasting, video or audio production? Best Podcast Microphones - Best Podcast Mixers - Best Podcast Recorders -