Stop Wasting Time on Social Media if You don’t KNOW Your Ideal Customer!

by Pam Moore
So you think you know your audience? Do you know your ideal customer? You invest time and money each week creating content, posting social network updates, engaging with your community, updating and enhancing your digital and web properties. Only problem is that your business results are dismal at best. The return on investment in social media is simply not there.Read the full article

Social Media Training for Small Business You Must Know Your Customer

Pam Moore, CEO & Founder of Marketing Nutz, Social media, digital marketing, branding training and consulting agency discusses why marketers and business owners must know their customer to achieve success online and offline. Before you spend a dollar on content marketing, facebook or youtube advertising you need to get in the head of your audience. What do they need from you? What keeps them up at night? How can you help them solve their problems? Check out THE Social Media Training System and Member Community for Small Business Social media agency, social business, consulting, training, social media speaker, trainer, CEO Marketing Nutz. Orlando, Florida.