Are internet providers gearing up for the end of net neutrality?

Proponents of net neutrality have almost completely resigned themselves to the idea that the FCC will revoke the Title II status that currently regulates internet providers. Title II treats internet service as a utility, like electricity or water. This means internet providers can only provide a stream of internet and can’t throttle internet speeds for different tiers of service.Read the full article

Some Verizon users are saying their Netflix streams are being throttled VZ, NFLX

Some Verizon users are saying their Netflix streams are being throttled (VZ, NFLX). Some Verizon Wireless subscribers are saying their mobile data speeds are being limited whenever they stream videos on Netflix or YouTube. Users on both Reddit and the mobile-focused Howard Forums say they’ve noticed the speed cap. The Verge reported on the complaints on Thursday. In both threads, Verizon users are reporting slower-than-advertised speeds whenever they stream Netflix and YouTube. Many report maximum internet speeds around 10 Mbps whenever using these two sites over their mobile data network. (The higher the Mbps, or "Megabits per second," the faster the internet speeds.) These same users say they’re getting the normal, faster download speeds Verizon advertises when they connect to other apps and websites. In Netflix’s case, those who have noticed the change are largely using a internet speed test tool called That connects directly to Netflix’s servers, and thus serves as a barometer for overall Netflix speeds, but the speeds reported there are said to be slower than those found through tools like Ookla’s, which measures overall internet speeds. Various users also say their Netflix speeds are faster when they connect through a VPN, which circumvents a direct connection to Verizon itself. Comment from discussion Netflix Throttle Megathread. Netflix previously throttled video speeds on certain mobile networks in an attempt to provide acceptable video quality without pushing users over their monthly data caps. Here, though, Netflix said it has nothing to do with the slower speeds some Verizon users are reporting. "We can confirm we are not capping data on our end and don't cap data for any mobile network," a Netflix spokesperson told Business Insider in an email.