The Best Content Marketing of July: The Marketing Machine Never Stops

by Jordan Teicher
July is usually the slow month. After marketers drag themselves back from Cannes with overly tan faces and suitcases full of wrinkled linens, they need a breather. People go on vacation after their vacation. Joe Lazauskas, our editor-in-chief, started wearing boat shoes. Q3 can start off slowly as people work themselves back into game shape. But the marketing machine never stops.Read the full article

Solar Eclipse of the Heart

On August 21, 2017—for the first time in 99 years!—a total solar eclipse will travel across the U.S. from west to east as a rare and beautiful sight to behold. Inspired by this once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event, we’ve recorded our own take on a moody classic. It’s a musical crash course in the science and spectacle of a solar eclipse, and a call to action for anyone who can get themselves into the path of totality on the big day. Get all the eclipse-y details at