Stop being cheap. Seriously.

by Derek Halpern
So, I went on a double date. We hit up a nice restaurant and bar down in Soho, NYC. And let me tell you: the bartender was great! Service was great. He was likable and fun. And bonus? He even hooked us up with a few things for nothing. When the bill came, my friends and I decided to split it. And I left about a 45% tip. I don’t often tip that high, but again: the guy was fun. He hooked us up.Read the full article

Stop Being Cheap

So, I get frustrated by entrepreneurs who are cheap. Look. I understand the importance of stretching a dollar. Especially as a bootstrapper. But people are getting ridiculous... Like this one guy. Who wants to start a website but refuses to spend $13 per year for a domain name. What? TWENTY YEARS AGO IT USED TO COST TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO START A BUSINESS. NOW YOU CAN DO IT FOR A FEW HUNDRED BUCKS AND YOU'RE COMPLAINING? Ugh. Anyway. Inside this video I share 3 things which I believe are things you should always spend money on. Especially as a business owner. Then. I'm curious. Where do you feel like it's okay to invest?