Video Interview With Rob Monster, CEO of DigitalTown

by Ian Lopuch
I recently posted an article here on PPC Ian highlighting my angel investing approach. While I’m a dividend investor at heart, I take great pride in allocating capital towards promising early-stage technology companies, especially when the CEO is a personal friend. Well, it just so happens that DigitalTown (the topic of today’s post) happens to be one of these very examples.Read the full article

DigitalTown: Interview With Rob Monster, CEO of DigitalTown

I am thrilled to interview Rob Monster, CEO of DigitalTown (Ticker: DGTW). A personal friend of mine, and a successful serial entrepreneur, Rob offers a multitude of insights in this one hour interview. Learn about Rob's journey, Digital Town, and the future of smart cities. A disruptive company, DigitalTown aims to bring control back to local communities in an economy that often favors "winner take all". DigitalTown is growing quickly and thrives on the management skill and lessons that Rob Monster has learned over the years. Whether you are an entrepreneur, digital marketer, business professional, MBA student, student of smart cities and local commerce, or want to pick up some great insights on faith, this interview offers something for everyone. Want to learn more insights form Rob Monster? You may want to check out my written interview with Rob, one of the most popular posts on my blog: Disclaimer / Full Disclosure: I am a shareholder in both of Rob Monster's companies, Epik (privately held) and DigitalTown (DGTW).