Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Algorithms Count, Search Console Bug, SEO, AdSense & AdWords Exploit & More

by Barry Schwartz

Google Algorithms Count, Search Console Bug, SEO, AdSense & AdWords Exploit & More - This week is a shorter one where we covered how Google won’t share the number of algorithms they run. Google Search Console had a bug where they sent tons of verification emails to webmasters. Google published new documents on rendering and debugging for GoogleBot. Google said how they handle canonical pages with noindex on them. GoogleBot does not pass referrer data. Google still does not want to index your search results pages. A scholarship business that worked off of links had to close down. Google had an AdSense and AdWords exploit that lead to sharp declines in CPCs for AdSense publishers. Google AdWords has a new look for sitselinks. Google’s keyword planner tool shows okay google as a suggestion, Bing Ads updated their quality policy. Google My Business added action URLs for some businesses. A UK government group has closed down a company impersonating Google. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google Won't Share The Number Of Search Quality Algorithms : Google Search Console Sent Verification Emails To Webmaster By Accident : New Google Rendering & Debugging Docs : How Google Handles Canonical Pages With Noindex On The Page : GoogleBot Doesn't Pass A Referrer; Generally Directly Hits URLs : Here Is Why Google Doesn't Want To Index Search Results Pages : A Scholarship Business Based On Links Has Shut Down : Massive CPC Drops Across Google AdSense Publishers : publishers-24272.html Google AdWords Matches New Organic Sitelinks Design With Carousel Buttons : Google Keyword Planner Showing "Okay Google" Keyword Ideas : Bing Ads Updates Quality Policy, Will Remove Non Performing Ads : Google My Business Action URLs For Online Orders, Reservations & More : UK Shuts Down Company Impersonating Google Over Local Listings :

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