Inside the growth of Coca-Cola’s music TV show in Africa

Coca-Cola is propelling high growth for its weekly music TV show “Coke Studio Africa.” The show started broadcasting in 2013 in four countries in Africa. In just four years, the brand has expanded the reach to 30 countries across East, Central and southern Africa to a estimated potential half a billion viewers. In South Africa alone, the average weekly viewership has been 958,600 people.Read the full article

Yemi Alade: Mungu Pekee (Cover) - Coke Studio Africa

Yemi Alade brings her distinctive flavour on Nyashinski's track! Download it for free here Yemi is a true Pan African artist who has taken the music industry by storm. With smash hits like “Johnny” that almost broke the internet in 2015 and the ability to release songs in English, French and Swahili making her one of Nigeria’s hottest talents.