You won’t believe WalMart’s new weapon against Amazon

Yes, the headline sounds a lot like clickbait, but you really won’t believe it. While Amazon is taking to the streets with its expansion by buying Whole Foods and other properties, WalMart is possibly planning to take to the skies. The American retail giant from Bentonville, Arkansas, has filed a patent for a floating distribution center, aka a blimp.Read the full article

[902] Up in the sky: Walmart vs. Amazon

A new week and that means more Boom Bust! Total looks to buy Maersk Oil in a deal worth billions while AT&T still looks to buy Time Warner. Are killer robots coming? Well, top artificial intelligence companies are want to make sure they don’t become a reality and Bianca Facchinei takes us deeper into the subject. Can Walmart take on Amazon? Maybe, with some help from a floating warehouse! Lionel of Lionel Media gives us the breakdown on how Walmart may take to the skies! That and more on Boom Bust. Follow us on Twitter: Check us out on Facebook -- and feel free to ask us questions: