Final Boarding Call for Content Marketing World: Don’t Miss these 10 Presentations

Does anyone look forward to getting on an airplane anymore? Sure, you may be excited about where you’re going or what you plan to do when you get there. But anyone happily anticipating the screening, boarding, and flying part—well, I’ll have whatever vitamin supplement they’re on. If you’re headed to Content Marketing World, odds are there’s a flight in your immediate future.Read the full article

Compressorhead Robot Band - Live Concert at Union Square | Sponsored by GE

Awesome concert at New York Cities Union Square Robot band Compressorhead Rocks out! BrilliantMachines have arrived! This awesome concert was free and live for the public, thanks to General Electrics and the makers of these awesome Heavy Metal Music generating Robots. Thanks GE :) Here's a article featuring more info about this awesome historical concert. "The Robot dudes really know how to Jam!" Robot Compressorhead Channel: TheRobotcross1 - One of their cool videos playing rock music: Compressorhead website: GE FB sponsored post: GE BrilliantMachines Campaign:

CIO Dinner: Customer Analytics and the Perfect Beer

CIO Marina Bellini discusses how Grupo Modelo uses technology to deliver the the right product promotion to its customers at the right location at the right time. Learn more about Fast IT: Subscribe to Cisco's YouTube channel: