50+ Awesome Logo Design Resources Online

by Douglas Karr
What’s the value of a logo? Ask a company like Nike and you might say millions of dollars – but the truth is that, in 1971, Nike paid $35 for their logo. These days, the going rate for professional logo design can be anywhere between $150 and $50,000. We recently worked with a client that spent $16,000 on a logo design only to find it when they did a Google Image Search for th ...Read the full article

'Infinity' Logo Design

Here is another video I am bringing to you guys of a logo i just did for fun. I have been thinking a lot about some different designs and styles I want to try out and this was something new I wanted to try. Once again this logo is up for sale so if you are interested in getting it for yourself, message me and we can work something out. Please give me feedback and leave a like if you enjoyed!