The Best Content Marketing of August: Generic Millennials Will Love This List

by Jordan Teicher
When researching last month’s best content marketing, I quickly realized that nothing about the solar eclipse was going to make the list. In July, Warby Parker beat everyone to the scene with a campaign that was equal parts goofy and educational. But in August, everyone from Corona to Krispy Kreme tried to cash in. It was a good example of why newsjacking is a no-no.Read the full article

Invisible World | An Old Spice Invisible Spray Production

Imagine that a deodorant brand were brave enough, crazy enough, to run with an idea as irresponsible and foolhardy as financing a full-length invisible movie that you can’t actually see. Now imagine what that would look like. Now stop imagining, because it’s happening. Wait, sorry, keep imagining, because there’s nothing to see. IMDb page: The Prophecy – Break-Up - Alien Gateway - The Event - Nooooooooooooooo(etc) - The Answer - Smash ‘n Grab - Mystery Man - Rising Sons - Deep Space Trouble - Challenge Accepted - Do You Blade? - Rudy the Beige - One of Them - Huge Freakin’ T-Rex - Dog. Wolf. Wolf-Dog - Derek Nearly Dies - Derek Dies - The Final Reckoning - Just Plug It Back In - Thanks to everyone who auditioned.

This Is a Generic Millennial Ad

This Is a Generic Millennial Ad, created with And/Or studio, shows how easy it is to appeal to anyone born between 1980 and 2000. The good news? Thanks to social media, it's easy to connect with this influential audience. The bad news? They hate spending money on things. (Except for maybe avocados.) See and license the clips used at To publish or broadcast this video, contact, or tweet us at @dissolve. Media outlet? Grab the media kit at Want to work with an agency that really *does* get millennials? Hit up !