Search Buzz Video Recap: Click Data Google Signal, Google Search Console & Bing PWAs

by Barry Schwartz

Click Data Google Signal, Google Search Console & Bing PWAs - This week in search, I covered how the head of Google Brain said that Google uses click behavior, such as pogosticking in their search ranking algorithms, but is it true? Google Search Console updated their rich cards report for job listings. Google Search Console removed the fetch as Google for mobile apps. Google said the new Google Search Console data for the beta will come to the API one day. Google is explaining how you can move your m-dot domain to a responsive site properly. Google said faking your publish dates is an old trick. Google said 404 results do use up crawl budget. Google said malware does not have a long term impact on rankings. Google said your XML sitemaps do not need to load super fast. Google said you should ignore the cache date. Boiler plate content is not toxic according to Google. The question and answer feature has been turned off for some locations by Google. AdWords addd new reporting dashboards that you can customize. Google AdWords updated the user interface for click to text. Google has a new image slider carousel in search. Google AdsSense may have redesigned the ad review center. And Bing is going to crawl the web for PWAS. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google Brain Canada: Google Search Uses Click Data For Rankings? : Google Search Console Updates Rich Cards Job Listings Report : Google Search Console Kills Fetch As Google For Mobile Apps : New Google Search Console Beta Data To Come To API In Future : Google On How To Move Your M-Dot To Responsive Before Mobile-First Index Rollout : Google: Faking Article Dates Is An Old Trick : Google: Technically 404s Do Use Up Google Crawl Budget : Google: Malware Cleaned Up, No Long Term Impact On Rankings : Google: Does Your XML Sitemaps Need To Load Fast? : Google Wants You To Ignore The Cache Date : Google: Boilerplate Content Is Not Harmful Or Toxic : Google Turns Off Questions & Answers For White House Local Result : New Google AdWords Reporting Dashboards : Google AdWords Phone Number On Click To Text : Newish: Google Image Carousel Sliders In Mobile : Google AdSense Redesigns Ad Review Center? : Bing To Crawl Web For PWAs For Inclusion In Windows App Store? :

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