Let’s Get Real… Does Your Content Convert?

by Pam Moore
It's time to get real about the real return on the investment you make in content marketing. Is the money and time you are investing in content marketing helping you achieve your business goals? Is the time you invest researching your audience, learning the social networks and pounding out mounds of content fruitful? Bottom line… does your content convert to real business? ...Read the full article

Does Your Content Convert?

Is your content converting? Are your efforts creating social currency? Social currency = attention + action. Which is more important to drive ROI? Watch the video & sign up for my "Content that Converts" webinar this week to find out! http://themarketingnutz.com/webinar #contentmarketing #socialmedia #biz #smallbiz #cmo #digital Communications #marketing Pam Moore, CEO & Founder of Marketing Nutz, Social media, digital marketing, and branding training and consulting agency shares how to create content that inspires, connects and converts. Social media agency, social business, consulting, training, social media speaker, trainer, CEO Marketing Nutz. Orlando, Florida.