New season for the Netflix phishing scam

Much like the flu, phishing scams have their own seasons as well. They’ll go away for a while, lay low, then start sending out their legitimate looking emails again. These emails look like they come from legitimate websites and always ask you to update your information. This time around, the phishing emails appear to come from popular video streaming service Netflix.Read the full article

Hackers sending bogus emails to Netflix customers

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Hackers were using Netflix to get people's credit card numbers and personal information. In the latest phishing scam, customers were receiving an email that claimed membership information needed to be updated. It directs people to a login page that looks real but it turns out it's fake. The site asks people to put in all of their information, including payment information. Netflix said it never asked for personal information in a email. People should never click on a link in their email. If people want to get to Netflix, they should type directly into the browser.

Netflix Scam

Netflix Scam

2017-01-13 - Netflix email scam, be careful!

Latest segment in FOX News about email scams in NETFLIX, be careful!