Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Search Ranking Changes, Top Ranking Signals & Dynamic Algorithms

by Barry Schwartz

Google Search Ranking Changes, Top Ranking Signals & Dynamic Algorithms - First, I am offline, so this video and post was all created and produced on Wednesday, things may have transpired between now and then that I may have to catch up on this Monday. Google did some algorithm search ranking updates this week, it seem not too widespread but it was impactful. Google said the algorithm monitoring tools do often get it right. Google said there is no such thing as a top three ranking signals. Why? Well they explain it depends on the query and the context of the search. Google said they do not use click data for rankings, again. Google said shopping cart abandonment rate is not a fact. Google doesn’t review each and every spam report. Google doesn’t use disavow files for finding spam in their algorithms. Google said responsive sites are already ready for the mobile first index. Google said chatbots don’t make your pages better quality. Google updated their AdWords terms and conditions. Google is testing indoor maps in the knowledge panel. Google AdSense is beta testing automated auto ads. Google AdSense’s ad balance tool isn’t working right. Have a happy and healthy Jewish New Years! That was this past week in search a the Search Engine Roundtable. Programming Note: Rosh Hashanah 5778 - Shana Tova! : Google Search Algorithm Update On September 16th : Google Search Ranking Update Chatter Continues : Google: Search Algorithm Monitoring Tools Get It Right : Google: There Is No Top Three Search Ranking Signals : Google's Ranking Algorithms Dynamically Change Based On Query & Context : Google: We Don't Use Click Data Directly For Search Rankings : Google: Shopping Cart Abandonment Not A Search Ranking Factor : Google: We Do Not Manually Review All Spam Reports : Google: Our Algorithms Don't Look At Disavow Files : Google: Responsive Sites Don't Need To Worry About Mobile First Index : Google: Chatbots Don't Make Your Pages Better : New Google AdWords Terms & Conditions : Google Tests Indoor Maps In The Local Knowledge Panel : New Google AdSense Auto Ads Beta : Google AdSense Ad Balance Tool Now Back :

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