The latest salvos in the WalMart-Amazon war

The war between the internet giant and the brick and mortar goliath continue with each making gains in each others’ territory. WalMart is trying yet another solution to the last mile problem. Again, the ‘last mile’ of delivery is considered the most expensive part of the delivery and WalMart has been experimenting with different possible solutions.Read the full article

Whole Foods Prices Hit Trader Joe's Hard

AP Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods is rocking the grocery industry. According to a report by alternative data intelligence firm Thasos Group, which analyzed mobile phone location data, Whole Foods' foot traffic climbed 17% year-over-year the week of price cuts. These new customers seem to be coming from other grocery chains. Almost 10% of regular Trader Joe's customers defected to Whole Foods each day the first week after the Amazon acquisition, when the price cuts went into effect. This video was produced by YT Wochit Business using