Is Amazon upping the last mile game?

Rumors have been circulating in the retail world that Amazon is taking two new steps in the battle for the last mile. Again, the last mile of delivery is considered the most expensive part of any home delivery by online retail giants like Amazon. According to some reports Amazon is not only supposedly developing a smart home device that would allow deliveries to be left in the ...Read the full article

Amazon Is Reportedly Seeking Ways To Protect Your Packages

If you're tired of having you packages stolen, Amazon appears to have some confidence the concept could work, though, as a new report from CNBC claims Jeff Bezos' giant e-commerce company is already at work developing a "smart doorbell" to facilitate entry into your inner sanctum. The report claims Amazon is also currently seeking a partnership with Phrame, which already makes "smart license plates" that essentially let you slip your normal license plate into what's essentially a remotely opened safe on the back of your car. In this case, the courier would arrive at the car and enter a code into a smartphone, causing the Phrame plate to flip up and grant access to a little pocket where you've stashed your keys. This video was produced by YT Wochit Business using