Tools and Technical Tips for Optimizing your Content Marketing Results

by Ian Cleary
There’s no better way to drive massive traffic to your website than consistently creating amazing content. Marketers know this, brands know this, and that’s exactly why the competition for first page search engine rankings is now fiercer than ever before. Everybody is producing content to gain targeted traffic and get their brand known! So how do you stay ahead of your compe ...Read the full article

Why Internal Linking on Your Website is essential and tips for implementing

Do you realize how important it is to link to content on your website? There are external links from external websites and internal links on your website. In this video we talk about why you should link and give you some practical tips on what you should do with links. I hope you enjoy it, there's a bit of fun in the video also to keep you entertained. Well, now that you know everything about Internal Links, visit our blog and learn how to use Ahrefs to analyze Inbound Links - If you would like to learn more about latest in Marketing Tech, check out our blog at and subscribe to our Newsletter!