Supercharge Summit – Receiving a $3.4 Million Check

by John Chow
Supercharge Summit – Receiving a $3.4 Million Check The highlight of the Supercharge Summit in Las Vegas was the top partner check presentation ceremony. The ceremony is where MOBE recognizes their top affiliates for their performance by bringing them up on stage and presenting them with a big check. I Got a Check for $3.Read the full article

Supercharge Summit - Receiving a Check for $3.4 million I received this check for $3.4 million today at the Las Vegas Supercharge Summit. The check represents how much I made with MOBE since joining. It's too big to fit in the plane. I'll have to figure out another way to get it back to Orange County. Apply for my 21 Step Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle coaching program to learn how I'm making millions online, and how you can do the same. Attend my live events: Read my blog: