Microsoft’s mixed-reality tech is finally gaining traction with brands

Although its application programming interface has been open to developers since March 2016, Microsoft’s HoloLens, a mixed-reality headset, has not received the same attention from brands as Apple’s ARKit, which brands were quick to apply when it came out in September. The reason: The average person can’t afford HoloLens’ hefty $3,000 price tag, whereas anyone with an iPhone ca ...Read the full article

Microsoft HoloLens: Partner Spotlight with Ford

Using HoloLens to visualize full scale models in 3D, Ford design and engineering teams are able to iterate more quickly – processes that used to take weeks now take days because they no longer need to physically build every prototype. They can more easily and securely share ideas across the company, and consider many more concepts than previously possible. Learn more at: Subscribe to the Microsoft HoloLens YouTube channel at and our newsletter at

Microsoft HoloLens Inflight at Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand worked with information technology service provider Dimension Data on unique software for Microsoft’s augmented reality (AR) viewer HoloLens that could support cabin crew as they carry out their inflight duties by aggregating and displaying key customer information directly in front. This video shows the process to create this along with a demonstration in-flight.