What Is Tag Management? A List of Enterprise Tag Management Systems

by Douglas Karr
Verbiage that people use in the industry can get confusing. If you’re talking about tagging with blogging, you probably mean selecting terms that are important to the article to tag it and make it easy to search for and find. Tag management is a totally different technology and solution. In my opinion, I think it’s poorly named… but it’s become the common term throughout the i ...Read the full article

Halfords | A Qubit Case Study

"Segmentation is the key to personalising every aspect of the customer journey" Tony Rivenell, Chief Digital Officer, Halfords Established in 1902, Halfords has been known for one of the best high-street customer service experiences you’re likely to get. The retailer of car parts, car enhancements, camping equipment, and bicycles, have been on a huge digital transformation in the last couple of years. Now is the time to match that in-store experience, with their digital experience. Scaling the digital offering is imperative and having an in-depth knowledge of their customer segments will ensure lifetime value. View the full case study at: https://www.qubit.com/case-study/halfords