Cake in the Supreme Court. Google and eBay Partner Up. What Nordstrom Does Well. – The Brief for 12.05.17

by Chris Brogan
Here are the notes from the Chris Brogan Media broadcast for 12/05/17. (You can watch this on my Facebook account). The goal of these posts is that there are trends and ideas here that might impact your business now or soon. Think on the stories here and look for ways to adjust your business accordingly. If ever you’re stuck, get in touch with me and I can help.Read the full article

Katy Perry Best.Cover.Ever. - Episode 2

Join Katy Perry and Ludacris as they surprise two very talented contestants, solo artist Riley Biederer and members of the Australian band LYNK, to ultimately decide who has the Best.Cover.Ever. Riley Biederer is a 21-year-old singer who started writing poetry at a very young age, a talent that naturally led her to songwriting and then singing. Based in Atlanta, she has been making a name for herself in the local music scene, performing in restaurants and small venues since she was a teenager. Hailing from South Australia, LYNK consists of brothers Harrison, Andrew and Matthew Kantarias, who spend their off time working part time at their parents’ electronic and appliance store. Originally in other bands, Harrison and Andrew formed LYNK with brother Matthew when he graduated from school, and the trio is joined by their friend Israel “Izzy” Amoy for live performances.