MentorBox Book Review: My Favorite Book So Far

by Ian Lopuch
Those who have been following PPC Ian for a while know that I love MentorBox. A program co-founded by Alex Mehr, Ph.D. and Tai Lopez, MentorBox provides a truly unique self-education platform. As a paying customer, MentorBox got me reading again, and has me consuming and putting into action two books per month! These are books that are taking my life to the next level.Read the full article

MentorBox Review: My Favorite Book So Far

If you've been following me for a while, you know that I love MentorBox by Alex Mehr, Ph.D. and Tai Lopez. Today's video is my latest MentorBox video review, focusing on my favorite book I have received so far. Learn about my personal experience with this program, as a paying customer, and why this particular book (and all of the related study materials) had such an impact on my life. If often get the question: Is MentorBox all about sales, marketing, and business? My answer: No! In fact, today's book review covers "You. Are. The. One." by Kute Blackson, a book about spirituality. That's right: My favorite MentorBox book is all about spirituality. While sales, marketing, and business are important (and are covered at great length in this program, there is so much more! It's interesting: I'm also part of the MentorBox mastermind group on Facebook, and it just so happens that today marked our first ever meetup in San Francisco. We even chatted at today's meetup how the videos often bring out a different (yet very complimentary) side of the author. This is very apparent with Kute Blackson. I feel like the video really pairs with his book in a special way. I'm thrilled to cover some interesting lessons I learned from watching Kute present in the MentorBox video. Kute is larger than life, and his delivery skills are amazing. More than that, his life experience can teach us all so much. In addition to learning from Kute's presentation skills, I learned a wealth of knowledge about life from "You. Are. The. One." Some lessons learned from my recent Mentor Box that I cover in today's video: * Follow your authentic self and share your gifts with the world. * Your thoughts are not who you are. * Spirituality is everywhere. Make it part of your daily life. Going to sign up for MentorBox? Following is my MentorBox affiliate link. If you purchase MentorBox via my affiliate link, you will pay the same price but I will receive a commission (and be forever grateful): (affiliate link) Want to learn more? Here's another video review that I recently completed: Mentioned in today's video, here's a link to my Five Minute Journal video review. The Five Minute Journal is another game-changer: Full Disclosure: I am long Starbucks (SBUX).