What the Letgo/OfferUp merger story could really mean

The online classifieds industry has been abuzz lately with the story of a potential merger between classifieds apps LetGo and OfferUp as reported by Recode. While the talks never went past the approaching stage, Recode seems to think that a merger of the two or an acquisition of OfferUp by LetGo could be inevitable.Read the full article

What does "Mergers & Acquisitions" mean?

Learn more about our programme Master of Mergers & Acquisitions at http://www.frankfurt-school.de/content/en/education_programmes/master/mma.html Companies increasingly use M&A as the fastest way to grab market opportunities or to restructure their businesses. Prof. Dr. Michael Grote summarizes the concept in around 90 seconds. He is Professor of Corporate Finance at Frankfurt School and focuses on corporate finance and capital markets, in particular Mergers and Acquisitions and private equity.