Marketing Leaders Need to Make Social a Priority in 2018

by Kevin Shively
25601440 I lead the marketing team at Simply Measured, a social marketing software company that is now part of Sprout Social, another social marketing software company. Because of our focus, and because of my role, I spend a ton of time meeting with other marketing leaders: CMOs, VPs, Directors…all folks who oversee multi-functional teams.Read the full article

How we measured the impact of social engagement growth on SEO & WOM traffic - SocedoLive Ep. 8

Social media marketers are increasingly tasked with measuring the impact of their efforts all the way down the marketing funnel. The only problem? The effects of social media marketing don't always show up in clicks to the website or conversions on a landing page. Instead, building and engaged audience on social and expanding your reach makes a positive impact across multiple channels, including better organic search rankings, more brand searches, and even higher direct traffic. Measuring the relationship between social media engagement growth and indirect traffic sources isn't something many marketers are doing today, and we struggled with it ourselves. But when we looked at these channels side-by-side over an 18-month period, we found a shockingly high and predictable correlation! Now we have an engagement target to hit on social, and we can be confident the traffic will follow. Learn more about building an engaged B2B audience on social at