This Black Box Guarantees I Never Run Out Of Good Content Ideas

by Derek Halpern
Content is king. More so today than ever before. (Except in the first few seconds. Design is king then. If your design turns people off, they won’t even read your content). The question is, how can you never run out of content ideas? Or, better, yet… How can you never ...Read the full article

This Box Guarantees I Never Run Out Of Good Content Ideas

This black box is the secret behind why I never run out of good content ideas. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ► PREVIOUS EPISODE ► This is the first time, I'll take you behind the scenes of "How I Create: Derek Halpern Edition." This is the secret behind how I write. It's how I come up with video content. It's how I make online courses. It's how I write blog posts. It's how I create my speeches and presentations. All because of this black box. Watch the video to find out more! (Inside the video, I mention people like Neil Strauss, Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday, and Michael Lewis). So, if you're ever writing a book, creating YouTube videos, writing blog posts, or doing any sort of writing at all... watch this video today.