What is Augmented Reality? How Are Companies Implementing AR for Sales and Marketing?

by Douglas Karr
From a marketer’s point of view, I actually believe augmented reality has much more potential than with virtual reality. While virtual reality will allow us to experience a totally artificial experience, augmented reality will enhance and interact with the world we currently live in. We’ve shared before how AR may impact marketing, but I don’t believe we’ve fully explained aug ...Read the full article

Say Hej to IKEA Place

IKEA Place is our new app that lets you virtually “place” IKEA products in your space. Coming Soon Built on Apple’s new ARKit, the app includes 3D and true to scale models of everything from sofas and arm chairs, to foot stools and coffee tables. Giving you an accurate impression of the furniture’s size, design and functionality in their home. So you can stop wondering and start doing. Try IKEA Place in your place.