Walmart to take on Amazon’s core business

It’s been no secret that Amazon and Walmart have been at odds with each other recently with both retail giants trying to infringe on each other’s territory. Amazon has been expanding into the brick and mortar space while Walmart is trying to increase its online presence. Now, Walmart is trying to steal a part of Amazon’s customer base by launching their own line of what starte ...Read the full article

Walmart Partners With Japanese E-Giant To Take On Amazon

American mega-retailer Walmart is partnering with Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten. The deal will allow Walmart to start selling ereaders, ebooks, and audiobooks via Japan's largest e-commerce company. The deal will give Walmart's US customers access to Rakuten Kobo's six million ebooks and audiobooks. In Japan, Walmart and Rakuten will launch a joint grocery delivery service. The move is seen as a direct challenge to Amazon's Kindle's business Amazon currently commands 83% of the ebook market in the US. This video was produced by YT Wochit Business using