10 Top Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts for Your Sweetheart!

by Carolyn Nicander Mohr
If the thought of getting a Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart leaves you flustered, you can calm down right now. The Wonder of Tech has you covered. Don’t even think about getting the boring traditional gifts of chocolates or flowers. Nope, what your sweetie really wants is a tech gift. Even non-tech fans will be delighted with these fun and useful tech gifts that are b ...Read the full article

The Vehicle Backup Wireless Camera

Learn more about The Vehicle Backup Wireless Camera: http://bit.ly/2F1UcPo Hammacher Schlemmer: http://bit.ly/2rsAJpl This is the wireless rearview camera that enables a driver to see objects or other vehicles when backing up. The camera mounts to a standard 6" x 12" license plate, captures live video at 640 x 480 resolution, and wirelessly streams it to the included dashboard monitor. The backup camera provides a 110º field of view, has a manual adjustable tilting angle, and operates within temperatures from 14º F to 122º F. The monitor mounts to a dashboard or windshield with the included suction cup bracket and displays the live feed on a 2.3" LCD screen. The car’s 12-volt DC outlet provides continuous power to the monitor while the included USB cable and/or built-in solar panels charge the camera.

Introducing Garmin Speak™ Plus with Amazon Alexa

Garmin Speak Plus with Amazon Alexa is what you love about Amazon Alexa, now in your vehicle. Use voice control for hands-free access to music, news, navigation and more. Plus, a built-in dash cam gives you forward collision and lane departure warnings.

Introducing HomePod — Apple

Immersive hi-fi audio. All the music you love. And the intelligence of Siri. Welcome HomePod — Available early 2018. Learn more: http://apple.co/homepod- Song: “You’re Mine” by Phantogram http://apple.co/2rEamJe

The Climbing Wall Treadmill

This is the climbing wall with a continuously revolving face that enables endless vertical climbs. The face of the wall consists of hand- and foot-holds on individual panels that revolve like an upright treadmill, allowing climbers to scale to the height of Mt. Everest in their own home. The treadwall is motorless and powered solely by the climber's weight, allowing climbers of all skill levels to climb at their preferred pace and stop without pressing any buttons. The wall adjusts from -20° to +5° from vertical, simulating overhangs or slab climbing, and the holds can be repositioned to four different locations on each panel for customizable whole-body workouts that build muscle or develop cardio fitness. Learn more about The Climbing Wall Treadmill: http://bit.ly/1aCNQyX Hammacher Schlemmer: http://bit.ly/1p55TNm