[Webinar Announcement] Affiliate Marketing Techniques to Rock 2018

by Geno Prussakov
In the past 20+ years affiliate marketing has evolved as much as the overall Internet marketing has. After all, the former encompasses all forms on digital marketing, and much more. As affiliate marketing has developed, and more players entered the filed, succeeding in it has become an increasingly difficult task.Read the full article

ClickMeeting Webinar: Affiliate Marketing Techniques to Rock 2018 & Beyond

Register here: http://bit.ly/2GIdTxc Are you ready to improve your affiliate marketing in 2018 and beyond? If so, join our upcoming webinar with Geno Prussakov, one of the world’s top affiliate marketing experts. In this webinar you will learn practical ideas and concrete techniques to improve your overall approach to affiliate marketing. What will you learn from the webinar? Successful strategies for affiliate marketing Practical pointers to make your affiliate marketing more effective Fresh ideas for selling companies’ products Geno Prussakov, a Cambridge graduate and affiliate marketing veteran, is the CEO & Founder of AM Navigator – a top affiliate markerting management agency, holder of 2017 Rakuten’s Golden Link Award as the OPM Agency of the Year. As an affiliate manager and consultant, he contributed to the online marketing success of brands as large as Forbes, Hallmark, Medifast, Skype, Travelex Insurance, as well as hundreds of small businesses. Prussakov authored 4 books – including his bestselling “Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day” – which have trained thousands of marketing professionals worldwide.