The Great CPC Hoax: Why Cost Per Click Doesn’t Matter to Creating High-ROI Ad Campaigns

by Neil Patel
People always ask me the same question about Adwords: “What’s a ‘good’ cost per click?” And my response back to them is always the same: “Why do you care?” See, most people have AdWords wrong. They obsess over the costs. They know that more and more competitors are advertising on the platform, which drives up prices. So they’re zeroed-in on how much they’re going to have to spend.Read the full article

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Which Paid Advertising Should You Use For Online Marketing

There are Facebook ads and Google ads, which one should you use? Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO tips: Find me on Facebook: Read more on my blog: Google is intent based. People type into Google what they are looking for, such as "cheap hotels in Las Vegas". So when people type in what they are looking for, if you have an ad that solves their problem, they will convert. If you are an intent based business that sells products or services to people who want to solve a specific problem, then Google is a great fit. Facebook, on the other hand, is for targeting a broad audience. For example, you can target people who are interested in cars, beauty or any other market out there. So if you have a product that appeals to a mass market, Facebook can be a great fit for you. From your ad, you can send people to an informational page that educates the consumer on why they should learning more about your product or service. After they are educated it becomes easy to sell them. With Facebook, if you are selling a low-end product you can just send people directly to your product landing page, but it tends not to convert as well compared to sending them to an informational page first.

3 Email Marketing Hacks to Increase Your Click Through Rate and Boost Sales

Are you sending emails with low click through rates? Chances are it's annoying your list and lowering your sales. Here are 3 email marketing tips to increase your email CTR Subscribe here to learn more of my secret email marketing tips: Find me on Facebook: Read more on my blog: You're sending marketing emails to people. They're opening them, but no one's clicking through back to your site. What should you do? The first thing you need to do is tell a story. Stories go back thousands and thousands of years because they're engaging. It's the same reason why you watch soap operas or movies is because you're engaged and hooked into the story. When you tell a story, people are going to be reading your whole email instead of just skimming it, and they're much more likely to click. The second thing you want to do is include multiple links. The more links you throw in there, the more clicks you're gonna get. Now, of course if you start including 10, 20 links, you're probably gonna end up in people's spam folder, but you should include two to three links. When you include two to three links, there's a higher probability that someone's gonna click on at least one of them. And last but not least, the anchor text of the link that you're using should be casual if you end up using a anchor text as the title of your webpage, very few people are gonna click through. But if your anchor text of the link in your email is something like "follow these tips, learn more here, or follow these strategies", people are much more likely to click through because they know it's benefit-driven. Follow those three tips. You'll get more clicks. And people will end up going to your website and hopefully they'll convert into leads or sales.