HubSpot’s Killing Keywords, But They’re Not Dead. Here’s What to Use Instead. [+Interview]

Big news, HubSpot users. If you haven’t heard or caught the email in your inbox, effective May 31, 2018, HubSpot is sunsetting its six-year-old Keywords tool in favor of focusing on Content Strategy, a tool announced in 2016. But before you panic (which I admit, I did a little), here’s what you need to know. My initial, characteristically dramatic, reaction to the news: “The world was ending.Read the full article

Sunsetting The HubSpot Keyword Tool (Now What?) Pillar Content, Content Clusters & More

In this interview, I dive into dangerous waters. HubSpot has decided to sunset the HubSpot keywords tool starting in May. To say that the community is up in arms is an understatement. We also uncover how this has been a decision made with thought and care towards all HubSpot customers. We share some free and paid tools, some strategies, and a ton more information. So sit back and dive in! Not using HubSpot yet and want to learn more? Want to make sure you are getting 100% out of your HubSpot portal? Becoming part of our community, subscribe today. Learn how to use HubSpot Marketing like the ninja, guru that you are! Learn how to use HubSpot Sales like the sales wizard that you are! Visit our home base at Connect with George B Thomas on other channels! Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Be a lifelong learner!