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  • 6 Useful Social Media Tools for Marketers

    Need some new social media marketing tools? Looking to save some time? New tools have recently emerged to meet the evolving needs of busy social media marketers. In this article, you’ll discover six tools that will improve your social media marketing workflow. by Aaron Agius on Social Media Examiner.

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  • 10 Advanced Strategies for Driving Business Blog Engagement

    Your blog is a workhorse. Yes infographics and video are extremely popular at the moment, but a well written and informative blog that is consistently updated will never let you down. You know the stats: Websites that include a blog have 434% more indexed pages and 97% more inbound links Blogging is the main component of the content strategy for at least 45% of marketers ...

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  • Merging Two Blogs: Strategies for Content Success

    Maybe you have two separate blogs that deal with two elements of your overall business. Maybe you’re rebranding your business and need to rebrand your blog. Perhaps you recently acquired another company and want to incorporate its blog into your own. Or maybe you purchased a relevant domain for the SEO juice and need to transfer your existing blog to it.

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  • 22 Proven Tips for Getting the Attention of Influencers

    Many marketers called 2015 the year of influencer marketing, but now we’re at the end of 2016 and interest is still growing: Even more marketers are starting influencer marketing this year, because the numbers don’t lie: 92% of consumers trust online word-of-mouth recommendations Marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word-of-mouth generates twice the sales of paid advertising All the.

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  • 10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Your Conversion Rates Are Below Average

    Don’t wait until it’s too late. Check and maintain your conversion rates often, just like you would your car. Image via Shutterstock. A major faux pas I often see with conversion rates is that businesses only seem to to address them when alarms are triggered. Conversion rates require ongoing maintenance and should be regular focal points in your optimization and marketing efforts.

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  • 10 Metrics to Track for Social Media Success

    Do you want to measure the impact of your social media marketing efforts? Wondering which social media metrics you should focus on? Analyzing the raw data on campaign performance helps you determine which tactics are working. In this article, you’ll discover the top 10 social media metrics you should be monitoring on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Using Content Marketing to Drive Customer Delight

    Your content may sufficiently answer your audience’s questions and help them solve their problems, but how much does it delight them — enough to have a measurable impact? The better the content experience is, the happier your audience will be and the more likely their delight will continue after they buy. They could even become an advocate for your brand with people they know.

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