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  • 5 ways companies can improve their mobile user experience

    This past weekend, I bought a Nest thermostat — you know, one of those smart thermostats that looks like a round iPhone and supposedly saves thousands of dollars in energy bills? I mention this purchase for two reasons: First, Nest’s user experience was one of the better ones I’ve ever seen; and second, it got me thinking about how companies could make their mobile user experiences significan.

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  • 10 common mistakes companies make with mobile

    As we continue to become a mobile-first world, the importance of companies getting their digital experience right with their key stakeholders becomes increasingly important. Unfortunately, while many senior marketers understand the need to have a mobile experience, many are still getting it wrong.

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  • 3 ways your business can leverage third-party location data

    With nearly 80 percent of all social media engagement happening through mobile phones, marketers can now effectively leverage location data when users geotag their social posts. And, with innovative image-recognition technology like Chute and Sysomos Gaze (disclosure: client), we also have the capability to recognize and analyze imagery posted on the social web.

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  • Mobile marketing predictions for 2017 from 11 industry veterans

    Yes, it’s time to look forward to 2017 and take a stab at predicting what important events and developments will impact mobile and location-based marketing. And while I have several thoughts of my own in terms of what will move the needle, I find it’s always helpful to get some outside perspective, particularly from smart people both inside and outside the industry.

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  • Location-based marketing: Where is it today, and where is it headed?

    Six years ago, when Wiley asked me to write a Dummies book on location-based marketing, I was equal parts thrilled and terrified. For one thing, I have several friends who are authors, and I know how much hard work goes into writing a book. For another, we were in the early days of location-based applications, and while new players were popping up every day, there really wasn ...

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  • What you need to know about the state of mobile advertising

    In my last column, “10 Mobile Statistics Marketers Will Love,” I called out the explosive growth of mobile usage. Of particular note is the fact that there will somewhere around two billion mobile users in the world this year. Considering the fact that a little over one-third of the world’s 7.3 billion inhabitants are either under the age of 14 (26 percent) or over the age o ...

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  • 10 mobile statistics marketers will love

    At least once a year, I like to step back from the mobile industry to provide some context as to what is happening and, more importantly, why it’s happening. It’s also important to know what these statistics mean to marketers. As a marketer myself, I find that having additional context about the landscape can be helpful.

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  • Mobile vs. desktop: Are you optimizing both experiences?

    In March of 2015, the number of mobile-only users overtook desktop users, according to ComScore. This is a trend that will only become more pronounced over the next 10 years as both business and personal users shift away from being tethered to desks and instead choose to access the internet anytime from anywhere.

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  • The future of location-based services

    Five years ago, my co-author, Mike Schneider, and I published one of the first books ever written on the topic of location-based marketing. At the time, all the buzz focused on active check-in apps like Foursquare, Gowalla, Whrrl and SCVNGR. Today, only Foursquare still exists (although SCVNGR has morphed into location-based payments service LevelUp), and it has become much ...

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  • Four Key Mobile And Location-Based Trends For 2016

    Having spent the past week at CES, mobile is fresh in my brain. And while this year’s show was more focused on self-driving cars, drones and roll-up televisions, mobile — especially the Internet of Things — is still very much alive and well. To that end, 2016 will be a year where we will see more of a distributed mobile web versus one that manifests itself via smartphones and tablets.

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  • Mobile Commerce: 5 Ways Your Company Can Improve

    The four days after Thanksgiving in the US — Black Friday through Cyber Monday — have become the Super Bowl of retail over the last several years. As such, those four precious days not only serve as a bellwether of the country’s economic health, but more recently, they’re a proxy for the ever-increasing volume of retail sales that now take place through mobile channels.

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  • Mobile, Millennials And Marketing: An Insider’s View

    Last week, I had the luxury of sitting in on a panel hosted by the Advertising Research Foundation titled, “Millennials Unplugged: What Are We Learning From Millennials?” The panel was moderated by my colleague, Bob Pearson, and featured panelists Natalie Malaszenko, SVP of Marketing at Overstock.com, and Maureen Craig, founder of MoStrategy.

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  • What Apple’s iOS 9 Means To Marketers (Hint: Search And UX In Particular)

    Over the last couple of years, I have railed against marketers creating mobile applications unless absolutely necessary. And while some like Starbucks and Walmart have done them well, there are thousands of others that go unused on millions of phone screens across the world. The biggest hurdle is the fact that most people don’t use mobile apps unless one of three use cases i ...

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  • Follow The Leader: How Starbucks Is Dominating Mobile Commerce

    If someone had told you 10 years ago that a coffee company out of Seattle would lead the mobile revolution, you probably would have laughed. While peddling coffee is hardly an Old World craft, it has become synonymous with low tech (not to mention donuts and bagels) over the years. Yet in mobile commerce, retail behemoth Starbucks is dominating in 2015.

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  • What Does It Mean To Be Mobile First? And Why Should Marketers Care?

    There is a fairly new catchphrase going around the marketing sphere as it relates to a brand’s customer journey. The term is “mobile first,” and it is intended to mean that as a company thinks about its website or its other digital means of communications, it should be thinking critically about the mobile experience and how customers and employees will interact with it from their many devices.

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  • 13 Mobile Marketing Stats You Need To Know

    Once a year, I like to do a quick dive into some key mobile statistics that marketers should care about. We could easily explore more than 100 metrics. But as a fellow marketer, I know that nobody has time for that. Instead, I’ve looked at the 100-plus mobile statistics and distilled them down to the 13 that you need to know.

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  • Can Mobile Push Notifications Replace Marketing Emails?

    If you have a smartphone, chances are you get regular push notifications from apps like Facebook, your bank, your favorite news sites etc. These notifications exist on most (if not all) of the major mobile operating systems and range from: “dumb” (not informed by anything other than the fact that you have an app, your notifications for that app are turned on, and the company ...

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  • 5 Key Mobile Marketing Trends For 2015

    As we kick off another new year, it’s helpful for marketers to look backward and forward as they set their blueprint for the next twelve months. On the mobile front, this year had a number of important milestones. eMarketer predicted that smartphone usage worldwide would grow 25% in 2014, with the number of people that own and use smartphones hitting 1.76 billion by the end of the year.

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  • 2015 Mobile/Location-Based Marketing Predictions From 10 Experts

    It seems like we’ve been hearing that “this is the year of mobile” since the late 1990s. And yet, every year, it never seems like mobile actually delivers on its true promise. But 2014 bucked that trend. Apple revolutionized payments through its launch of Apple Pay; 800-pound retail gorilla, Walmart, launched a savvy app; and NFC finally got its due after being included in t ...

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