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  • Webinar Recap: How to Use GetResponse Marketing Automation for Your Business

    We want to thank you all so much for registering and attending our webinar all about getting started with marketing automation yesterday! We had a great group of attendees who asked some awesome questions. Together we were able to introduce marketing automation as a theory, then see it work in action! (Though some attendees had trouble focusing, as it was lunch time for them ...

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  • New Webinar: Using GetResponse Marketing Automation for Your Business

    Marketing automation seems to be the buzz term making its way into almost every marketer’s ear these days – for good reason. Marketing automation is the answer to the siren song calling us all to automate-automate-automate. However, wanting to automate, but without ever really understanding how we should automate our marketing processes, or perhaps even why, it’s hard to jump ...

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  • GetResponse Action-Based Autoresponders Evolve into Marketing Automation

    Marketing automation doesn’t have to be as elusive as it sounds. In fact, you’ve likely been using some form of marketing automation for years! Particularly if you’ve used the action-based autoresponder message functionality in your GetResponse account. Reacting to subscriber behavior and data has long been possible with GetResponse, but thanks to marketing automation, it is no ...

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  • Video Guides to Jumpstart Your Marketing Automation Journey

    Not sure how you should start using marketing automation? Start simple! Marketing automation doesn’t have to be a large-scale endeavor. It’s all about sending highly-targeted messages to your subscribers, based on their data or behavior. And GetResponse Marketing Automation is all about making such technology available to everyone – not just those with huge marketing budgets.

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  • Your GetResponse Webinars – Now Mobile!

    More and more, people are stepping away from their desks and removing the chains a desktop computer or even a laptop once kept tightly wound around them. Reaching an audience, no matter the device or method they prefer, is key to gaining and keeping their attention. This is now more true than ever for your webinars.

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  • Use Marketing Automation To Retarget Your Leads For The Holiday Season

    No doubt you’ve already encountered several articles focused on getting ready for the upcoming holiday sales season. While we know there’s plenty of information and tips out there to make the most of this sales season, in this post we want to encourage you to think about how you could automate just a part of that marketing and targeting process.

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  • GetResponse Webinar Marketing Bootcamp Course Coming Soon

    Stay tuned for an upcoming GetResponse course all about webinar marketing! Through this 8-part bootcamp you’ll soon become a webinar marketing expert. Generate leads, increase revenues, build relationships – all while becoming a subject-matter expert in your field. Why webinars? Why not! Get a sneak peek into GetResponse Webinar Bootcamp through these teaser videos and keep y ...

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  • Unwrapping Marketing Automation

    Turning customers into repeat buyers is a goal for most businesses. Once a customer completes a purchase with you, it becomes your job to figure out what it will take to keep them coming back for more. One way to help ensure you stay top of mind following their purchase is strategized post-purchase communication plan. Let’s break down how to use a Marketing Automation workflow to do just that.

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