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  • Choosing the Right Color Palette for Your New Website

    When the time comes to create or re-design your company’s website, the overall color palette of the site is an important decision that requires some careful consideration and isn’t always as easy as you might think. When choosing the color palette for your website, first ask yourself the following: Are you starting from scratch or do you already have a minor color scheme yo ...

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  • Are you a Victim of Ghost Spamming?

    Have you noticed a significant decrease in your referral traffic or a massive increase in your website’s bounce rate when reviewing your Google Analytics? Before you become alarmed, find out if you’re a victim of ghost spamming. What is Ghost Spamming? One of the latest examples of Google Analytics referral spam is ghost spamming.

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  • Website Design Success for Real Estate Company

    A real estate web site must deliver more than just pretty houses -you have to include content and local information to pull traffic into your site and separate yourself from the rest of the crowd. You also need to build trust, provide value, and solve first-time customers and repeat customers’ problems if you want to be able to convert your website visitors into viable leads.

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  • What’s Google Up to This Year?

    A Quick Rundown on 2016 Google Algorithm Updates As marketers, we all know that Google updates can occasionally throw a big wrench in our gears. Although it might be for our own good, constantly changing the rules makes the game more challenging. As a tool to help you keep track of the major changes Google is rolling out this year as they unfold, here is an up-to-date list to le ...

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  • Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

    We’ve all heard the saying that the only thing constant is change, but in today’s digital marketplace -no matter your industry- there is no truer statement! With mobile technology changing the way people interact with businesses, social media powerhouses adding publishing and advertising mechanisms to their platforms, and buyer expectation urging for immediate information, it is no longer just .

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  • Why Should My Home Building Company Invest in Pinterest?

    As a home builder, how many times have you had someone show you a “pin” they found on Pinterest and said, “This is how I want my (insert feature here)”? If you create and develop a strong presence on Pinterest for your home building company, it will be your pins that your potential clients are coming across, and that could mean the difference in them choosing your company or choosing someone el.

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  • A Fun List for Real Estate Companies to Share in Social Media

    Coming up with constant, creative content to engage social media readers can at times be challenging for any business. BuzzFeed-style lists are fun, entertaining ways to share information with readers in a visually appealing, attention-grabbing way. Real estate companies, if you are looking for content like this to engage your social media readers, share this list with them: 1 ...

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