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  • Brace For Disruption

    Jun 20 Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Ad Hustler | Posted on 20-06-2017 Ad Hustler is alive and kicking on multiple projects ...

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  • Odell Beckham Jr Is Ad Hustling You

    Jan 06 Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Pathetic | Posted on 06-01-2016 It’s no secret that i’m a huge New York Giants fan. I’m also a fan of Odell Beckham Jr. His latest antics on the field actually made me like him more. I like a guy with fire. One thing I don’t like however is using the good will of the fans to make a buck.

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  • Cookie Stuffing: How You Know You’ve Made It

    Nov 04 Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Affiliate Marketing, Traditional Media | Posted on 04-11-2015 There are certain sites that are just ubiquitous online. Ebay, Amazon & Netflix are a few names that everyone knows and most people have used or use on a regular basis. In their growth stages these are fantastic sites to promote as an affiliate because they appeal to ...

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  • Apple TV Is The Future of TV

    Nov 02 Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Traditional Media | Posted on 02-11-2015 I’m no Apple Fanboy (although I do think iOS is the best mobile operating system on the market). I use a PC and I’m die hard anti-Apple when it comes to computers. When it comes to set top boxes I’ve thought that their Apple TV interface has been better than everyone else’s but I thought tha ...

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  • Google Analytics / Facebook Ads Discrepency

    Oct 29 Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Local Online Advertising, Tracking | Posted on 29-10-2015 As local clients get just a little “on the surface” knowledge about online marketing they become more and more inquisitive and distrusting. As they say, knowing just a little is enough to be dangerous.

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  • Automotive Leads Are Getting Harder To Come By

    Jan 21 Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Local Online Advertising | Posted on 21-01-2015 It’s no secret that I’m heavily involved in automotive marketing (most of which is online marketing). While I don’t strictly do lead generation, that is of course the holy grail of the automotive industry. Car dealerships LOVE leads and they love working leads and turning them into sales.

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  • Black Friday And Nothing Has Changed

    Nov 24 Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Local Online Advertising | Posted on 24-11-2014 Almost exactly 1 year ago I wrote the post Why Your Black Friday Sale Will #FAIL and not a darn thing has changed. Retailers on the the local level are getting even more excited about Black Friday and jumping on the bandwagon with tons of advertising.

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  • Effective Use Of Retargeting & Exclusion Pools In Local Online Marketing

    When it comes to local online marketing, just because you’re options and budgets may be more limited then big national advertisers, it doesn’t mean you can’t THINK like a big national advertiser. Retargeting is HUGE for large eCommerce companies however it is often overlooked on the local level. I’m not really sure why it’s overlooked or ignored but I’d much rather be doing a ...

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  • What’s Been Up? Why No Posts? A Prediction About The Future.

    Sep 18 Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Ad Hustler, Local Online Advertising | Posted on 18-09-2014 I feel like it’s been LONG time no speak. I’ve been getting a lot of questions like is your blog dead? Did you give up? What’s going on with Ad Hustler? All is well. Really well. I’ve been focusing on the local lead gen/local marketing side of the business more and more.

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