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  • New SERPs make these 10 RLSA techniques critical

    New SERPs make these 10 RLSA techniques critical Posted: 03.17.2016 Given Google’s re-jiggered SERPs and the new emphasis on top-of-the-page ads, it’s high time to revisit some RLSA techniques that can put your ads (affordably) in the penthouse. (I just presented these at SearchFest, so I wrote this while I still have Portland coffee running through my veins.

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  • A Starter’s Guide for Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)

    Google GSP ad formats have been around for some time and have been tested by a large variety of advertisers. Inventory types have varied throughout the beta, and changed along with the roll-out of Gmail’s tabbed format. If you haven’t yet tested GSP, or you tested early in the beta and are considering it again, take a look at these tips and best practices first.

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