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  • What makes people love the brands they love?

    In today’s consumer-driven world, there’s an onslaught of competing products that have identical features but differing brand names. As someone who actively toes the line between consumer and marketer, I can’t help but wonder what it is that makes us love some brands; why are we so loyal to some but not others? I recently read an article in the Harvard Business Review that d ...

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  • Back to school 2016: A shopping season for the books

    It might be hard to believe, but July is in full swing, and the lazy hazy crazy days of summer are quickly slipping by. Before you know it, parents will be digging out supply checklists and making shopping plans for their back-to-school needs. And while not quite as great a revenue driver as the holidays, the back-to-school shopping season plays a big role in the lives of con ...

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  • A deep dive: Not all data is created equal

    It’s 11:30 a.m., and a reminder notification appears on your desktop. It reads, “Two weeks until campaign launch — ensure data is received by DMP.” The time has come. A few months ago, you convinced senior management that by utilizing more consumer data, the company could better understand their customers and increase digital marketing performance.

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  • 2016: The Year Of Display

    The Chinese New Year is quickly approaching, and I am always curious to learn what the next 12 months might have in store based on ancient Chinese and zodiac traditions. According to the organizers of San Francisco’s Chinese New Year Festival and Parade, the Year of the Monkey will be full of invention and improvisation, and the spirit of the animal will encourage us to expl ...

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  • Why iOS 9’s Ad Blocking Isn’t Dire For Advertisers

    Three, two, one… The ad screen countdown continues. Without even glancing at the dancing pixels before his eyes, the consumer clicks the “skip” prompt. With ads shown in nearly every nook and cranny of the real estate we affectionately dub “the web,” consumers are increasingly — do I dare say — ignoring the very message advertisers have worked so hard to share with them.

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