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  • Your Complete Guide to Choosing Acoustic Guitar Strings

    So, you have found that playing the guitar is your new thing and are keen to find out more about this new found passion. When it comes to playing guitar there are many things which affect the sound you produce, with one of the biggest being the strings that you choose. As a beginner, you want to choose the right equipment to help you thrive in your new hobby, so I'm going to ...

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  • Discover why these are the Five Best Guitars for Beginners

    Playing Hotel California, Wonderwall or whichever song you are currently hooked on can be a relaxing way to spend some downtime whether you are a musician or not. Given how therapeutic playing a guitar can be - not to mention how cool it makes you look - there are many people learning how to play this instrument. Picking your first guitar to buy can be disconcerting, especially as a beginner.

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  • Acoustic Guitar for Beginners – Your easy ‘start here’ guide

    So, you are set on learning to play the guitar, and you're wondering where to start? Whether you are using someone else’s guitar or your very first beginner acoustic guitar, you need to observe the basic guitar playing guidelines. We will breeze through the basic things that you need to know if you are an absolute beginner.

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  • Why C Major and E Minor are Top Guitar Chords for Beginners

    Modern guitar playing lessons start with learning different basic guitar chords for beginners. In most cases a new student will have to use these every single day. Even the advanced player is going to need to practice the basic chords as playing the guitar requires dexterity you can only gain in time and repetition.

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  • Epic Guitar Songs for Beginners (and why it’s not your fav!)

    Whenever learning to play the guitar, you will want to practice a new song. After all, you do want to be able to show off! The problem is that many do not actually settle for learning appropriate guitar songs for beginners. That very first guitar song that you learn needs to be something that you are ready for, or you may end up feeling completely discouraged.

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  • Learn to Play Guitar: the five best online courses compared

    The 5 Guitar Learning Portals Compared These days, there are more and more people who are fascinated with playing the guitar. Beginners often have difficulty in choosing a program if they want to learn to play guitar, since they do not know where to start. Among the alternatives open to newbies is to sign up for a private guitar lesson. But, this is not for everyone.

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