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  • Don’t Give Up The Sale- How To Get Your Customers back

    Why do people even click on your ads? That’s the question you wonder as you watch your ad spend continue to rise, while your sales remain stagnant. Users click on your ad, check out your page and leave without making a purchase – never to return. You are Katy Perry’s left shark of advertising. So what do you do? You try redesigning your web page in an attempt to get visitors to convert.

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  • How to Write Great Mobile Text Ads – 4 Tips

    TL:DR: It is important to write great mobile text ads because: To reach valuable mobile clicks on AdWords in this highly competitive channel you need your ads to have a high ad rank. Ad rank is a combination of your maximum cost per click bid and your quality score. Quality score is mainly your click through rate – and to get a great click through rate you need to have great mobile text ads.

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  • Long Tailed Keywords In PPC – 3 Tips to Use Them

    You have probably heard talk about long tailed keywords in PPC – they are mentioned in all the major blogs from PPC Hero to Search Engine Journal. In fact, it feels like I can’t read or see anything without them being mentioned….long tailed keywords are basically the Kardashian’s of the search engine marketing world.

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  • For More Online Sales – Think Above The Fold

    What you will learn: The three key elements that you need to put in the most important part of your website You ever walk into a room and are not exactly sure what is going on? Is this room part of a store or does someone actually live here? There are no signs, seemingly merchandise is everywhere, and you are not sure exactl ...

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