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  • How to Write Great Mobile Text Ads – 4 Tips

    TL:DR: It is important to write great mobile text ads because: To reach valuable mobile clicks on AdWords in this highly competitive channel you need your ads to have a high ad rank. Ad rank is a combination of your maximum cost per click bid and your quality score. Quality score is mainly your click through rate – and to get a great click through rate you need to have great mobile text ads.

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  • Long Tailed Keywords In PPC – 3 Tips to Use Them

    You have probably heard talk about long tailed keywords in PPC – they are mentioned in all the major blogs from PPC Hero to Search Engine Journal. In fact, it feels like I can’t read or see anything without them being mentioned….long tailed keywords are basically the Kardashian’s of the search engine marketing world.

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  • Internet Marketing in 2016 – Get Mobile

    If you are reading this, you are probably on a mobile device right now. And I don’t blame you – mobile has completely taken over the world of Internet Marketing in 2016. You see mobile devices everywhere… in the hands of customer’s in line at Starbucks, in the bathroom and even where they are not supposed to be (I am looking at you lady driving a Blue Range Rover down State ...

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  • Guest Post on PPC Hero – How to Optimize for Velocity

    In my latest guest post I discuss how to optimize for velocity. You need to be there when your customers contact your business and when you are not there for them…they go with your competitor. Think of how many times in your own life you have: Hung up the phone because it took too many rings to answer Left a store because the line was too long Left a restaurant because ...

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  • HOW TO: Match Your PPC Ads to User’s Search Queries

    A fundamental rule of pay per click is that you want your ad to match the user’s exact search as closely as possible. This close match informs Google, as well as the user, that yours is the ad to click on. As a bonus these closely matched ads have the highest click through rates. These high click through rates increase your quality score….. and this means a lower cost per click for you.

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  • Reach Customers At Multiple Touch Points

    Why don’t my potential customer’s remember my business – Have you ever thought that? Have you called potential customers after they filled out your form specifically asking for a follow up phone call only to be treated like a cold calling telemarketer? It seems as if no matter what you put in your ads, and no matter how great your offer is that for some reason your business is instantly forg.

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  • 5 Essential Elements of a Profitable PPC Campaign

    When you are new to creating PPC (pay per click) campaigns, the amount of options can be intimidating, overwhelming and frustrating. You probably read about the variety ad extensions, different keyword match types, the mountain of ad networks and more ad formats than you know what to do with. While each of these variables can be important to consider when crafting your PPC ...

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  • The Magic of The Match

    A common problem Internet advertisers experience is what I call match deficit where they include a message in their ads that doesn’t match with something the user expects. This problem simply crushes conversion rates and leaves the advertiser basically just throwing money at Google/facebook without ever seeing a return on ad spend.

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  • What’s In It For Me? Critiquing 5 Great PPC Ads

    If a potential customer looks at your PPC ad and can’t immediately understand out how it benefits them, then you have probably already lost them. There are too many other results on the search engine results page (SERP) and they won’t spend time investigating your ad and landing page when your competitor’s are letting them know exactly how clicking on their ad improves their lives.

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  • 5 Ways to Use twitter to Improve Your AdWords Campaigns

    When people think about twitter they often think about embarrassing celebrity tweets (aka anything Donald Trump tweets) and sentences that are full of hashtags. What they often don’t think about is business results – but they should! With 304 million active users on twitter there is surely some business value to this micro-blogging platform.

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  • How to Optimize Your #PPC Campaign for Phone Calls

    You set up what you thought was a great pay-per-click campaign targeting the right keywords, sending users to highly specialized landing pages, and even split testing your ads. Finally, after investing considerable time and budget you get to the point where users are no longer just clicking the ads—they are actually converting! At first you are happy just to get these conver ...

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  • 17 PPC Optimization Tips

    Pay per click (PPC) marketing are those ads that you see on Google, facebook, LinkedIn and pretty much everywhere else you look on the Internet. This marketing channel is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to increase leads and sales online. If you are trying to use PPC and the results are not what you are looking for, then you basically have three choices: Quit ...

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