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  • How to Write Great Mobile Text Ads – 4 Tips

    TL:DR: It is important to write great mobile text ads because: To reach valuable mobile clicks on AdWords in this highly competitive channel you need your ads to have a high ad rank. Ad rank is a combination of your maximum cost per click bid and your quality score. Quality score is mainly your click through rate – and to get a great click through rate you need to have great mobile text ads.

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  • Long Tailed Keywords In PPC – 3 Tips to Use Them

    You have probably heard talk about long tailed keywords in PPC – they are mentioned in all the major blogs from PPC Hero to Search Engine Journal. In fact, it feels like I can’t read or see anything without them being mentioned….long tailed keywords are basically the Kardashian’s of the search engine marketing world.

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  • For More Online Sales – Think Above The Fold

    What you will learn: The three key elements that you need to put in the most important part of your website You ever walk into a room and are not exactly sure what is going on? Is this room part of a store or does someone actually live here? There are no signs, seemingly merchandise is everywhere, and you are not sure exactl ...

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