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  • Google Carousel: Expansion, Explanations, & Examples

    Almost overnight, Google rolled out an update to add carousel results to the top of numerous queries. Carousels at the top of search results were expanded largely for queries containing the word “best,” but also could be found for other adjectives like “top”, “great”, and “amazing.” There could be a handful of reasons (speculation incoming): To ensure Google is recommendin ...

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  • Delivering Revenue From Product Reviews

    What’s the point of product reviews? Links? Branding? Building trust? Ultimately, revenue. Every piece of SEO should be related back to increasing revenues for a website. Let’s look at two cases of product reviews that can and should be implemented that abide by the updated laws of Google. Google more recently added exchanging goods or services for a link.

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  • Why Isn’t My Page Showing Up In Search Results?

    Wondering why your page isn’t showing up in search results? You likely have one of two problems; your site/page is indexed and isn’t gaining any traffic from search engines OR your site/page isn’t getting indexed at all by search engines. This post runs through a checklist for the second problem; understanding why Google isn’t caching your site.

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  • Winning Your Digital Marketing Pitch

    It’s easy to go off track if you’re trying to explain to your boss why you need something changed on your website or when telling a client to make a change on their site. Below are a number of ways to avoid pitfalls & to gain acceptance of your digital recommendations. Do you even know our company? That’s what is being said when a presentation lacks the current focus of the organization.

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