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  • Delivering Revenue From Product Reviews

    What’s the point of product reviews? Links? Branding? Building trust? Ultimately, revenue. Every piece of SEO should be related back to increasing revenues for a website. Let’s look at two cases of product reviews that can and should be implemented that abide by the updated laws of Google. Google more recently added exchanging goods or services for a link.

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  • Why Isn’t My Page Showing Up In Search Results?

    Wondering why your page isn’t showing up in search results? You likely have one of two problems; your site/page is indexed and isn’t gaining any traffic from search engines OR your site/page isn’t getting indexed at all by search engines. This post runs through a checklist for the second problem; understanding why Google isn’t caching your site.

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  • Winning Your Digital Marketing Pitch

    It’s easy to go off track if you’re trying to explain to your boss why you need something changed on your website or when telling a client to make a change on their site. Below are a number of ways to avoid pitfalls & to gain acceptance of your digital recommendations. Do you even know our company? That’s what is being said when a presentation lacks the current focus of the organization.

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