• Do You Know The One Reason You Fail In Your Mobile Marketing?

    Your customers do not know how to use a mobile phone to make a purchase. Or so it would seem. You run the exact same ads on mobile devices that you run on desktop computers and yet the results are dramatically different. What is the problem here? You check the Analytics and it is clear that they are in fact clicking on the ads and you are certainly paying Google for them to do so.

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  • A New Strategy For Facebook Ads

    When the clicks from facebook ads come in, they come in fast, but they do not create sales. Looking at your analytics for what feels like the millionth time today, you can see that you have received some major traffic from your facebook advertising campaigns. However, none of the ads seem to result in sales. You check your website to make sure that it is working properly. It is.

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  • Is This Ad Writing Problem Crushing Your Small Businesses Internet Advertising Campaign?

    Does is seem like potential customers simply don’t respond to your Internet advertising? Like you could pay for all the Internet advertising in the world, and people still won’t pay attention to your small business? Do you find that your pay per click ads have lots of views and that no one clicks on them? Have you have re-written your ads numerous times and bid on different keywords, but the.

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  • Why Your Customers Do Not Respond To Your Online Advertising

    Your small business is tanking. You are not exactly sure why – your competitors are selling similar products and they seem to be doing well. You check you ads and lading pages for spelling mistakes and find none. You make sure you are targeting the correct keywords and geographic areas and those look good as well.

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  • The Surprising Way To Use Pay Per Click to Build Your Small Business

    You are just not going to send out another email to your friends and family talking about your small business. They are sick of hearing about it. For the past couple weeks and months you have taken what was once a dream and created a site. You feel good about this and the site certainly looks good. Professional images, nice copy, and you even found ways to give deals, discounts, and coupons.

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  • How to Increase Your Internet Marketing Efficiency

    How long is your Internet marketing task list? Have you updated the twitter feed hourly? Have you posted on Google Plus today? Have you sent out the email to a segmented list this week? Have you updated the blog recently? Have you created a new call to action? The prevailing wisdom in Internet marketing seems to be that one way or another, by performing all of your internet marketing tasks.

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