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  • Banner ads: best creative practices

    As part of a design team, I like to think that people spend hours ogling our beautiful display ads, however, I know the reality – sadly, they are just an interrupt ...

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  • 7 Critical Tips for Working With Your Creative Team

    If you’re lucky, your company has an in-house creative team. Those folks may work magic with visuals, but they aren’t actually magicians; there are some very practical things you can do that will make their lives easier and enable better work on your projects. 1. Know what you want! Don’t be vague. -Make sure you understand the request.

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  • A 10-minute guide to LPO testing

    We’ve all heard that A/B testing is the foundation of good landing page optimization, but what does that really mean? How long should you test? What should you test? How can you set up a test to ensure you learn something from it? I’m glad you asked! Let’s dive in. Before you begin, remember… A test is not worth running if you don’t have a concrete Hypothesis.

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  • 5 Steps to Better Work-Life Balance

    When I sat down to write about work-life balance, what really came to mind was less about balance and more about ‘taking control of your life’. While they aren’t the same thing, they are related. I think the hardest part of the work-life balance conundrum is finding your own balance. The struggle to maintain a life outside of work is universal, yet the issue is as pervasive as ever.

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